Once You Try Digital Scrapbooking, You Won't Look Back!

By Darlene Sutter-Gray

Compiling a scrapbook is certainly not a new concept. Before the digital age, Polaroid cameras were capturing memories and printing them out right before your eyes. Naturally, many folks taking Polaroids would pop their prints into a traditional scrapbook.

Boy, have times changed-and it's a rarity to see any type of camera being used other than digital. So it stands to reason that the scrapbooking hobby has also transformed and grown up. The result is the creation of digital scrapbooking software programs, offering so many new and exciting options for scrapbooking your memories.

Are you a scrapbooker who's been working the traditional way for years, but are fed up with shelling out a fortune for your hobby? You should definitely consider making the switch to a digital scrapbooking program for your computer-buy it once, and you have everything you need to keep on scrapping! With scrapbooking software, there's no need to restrain yourself when it comes to using embellishments or making elaborate designs. A good digital scrapbooking program will come with everything you need to lay out and adorn your lovely pages.

Or maybe you're someone who's never even tried scrapbooking after you learned how expensive a hobby it is and how much physical space it takes up. The digital age is the perfect time to begin your dream of making scrapbooks, since you have access to convenient and creative digital scrapbooking programs! A great digital scrapbooking software program lets even novices learn to scrapbook in a short, easy session or two.

Start with a template with a theme and elements already laid out, and just add your pictures and journaling. Or, get more creative and edit your template page to look exactly as you imagine it in your mind.

If you're an advanced scrapbooker looking to save a few bucks, or a scrapbooking "newbie" who just wants to get in the game, you must try digital scrapbooking. There are few things more rewarding than getting in touch with your inner artist, and making something lovely out of your memories at the same time.

When you're finished designing, with a few simple clicks, you can share your pages with others online, or just leaf through your digital pages on your home computer for your own personal enjoyment. If you miss the feel of a paper album, all you need to do is have your pages printed and bound and you've instantly transformed your digital creation into a "traditional scrapbook. - 31508

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Scrapbooking - You Can Do It

By Kim Wu

Scrapbooking is a great activity or hobby that can help exercise your creativity. A lot of people make the most of their time and memories by creating a scrapbook of the most important events in their life. If you are one of those people who want to create a scrapbook but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place.

People use scrapbooks as a form an illustration of the events that happened in the past. During the last few years, scrapbooks have slowly evolved into newer concepts and patterns. Regardless, there are still many people who prefer the conventional approach to scrapbooking. This common process makes use of old materials and embellishments that are mounted onto the album.

One of the benefits of having a scrapbook is having an instrument to help you look back at the things and events that went by in your life. As opposed to having a photo album that will contend you to still photos, scrapbooks have added elements that make them seem more alive and conversational to their viewers. Its pages have their own unique labels and colorful embellishments.

The first thing that you need to do when going through the process of scrapbooking is to know what you want. It is best to create a theme of how you want your scrapbook to look like. If you are creating a scrapbook for a birthday party, for instance, you will already have a clear picture of the things you might need. Using glitters or cutout balloons as embellishments will be great for this concept.

If you have a scrapbooking session with your friends, you might want to also be organized and drop by a nearby crafts store to have everything you need in place by the time the session arrives. If you are doing the scrapbook all by yourself, being fully prepared will still be an advantage. You wouldn?t want to run back and forth the nearby store every now and then. Have everything you need by your side before you start.

Once you have everything ready, you may start posting the photos on every page. To help create a story for your album, mount the photos chronologically. Remember that this album is supposed to hold the most precious memories in your life that will help you recall them whenever possible.

Once you have mounted the photos, move to the labels. Make them short and unique. You might want to make callouts to make the album look more alive. The scrapbook embellishments should always be used as a final touch. You do not want to use this during the first part to avoid too much distraction on each page. Tone down on the neon colors and glitters, unless you?re making a disco-themed scrapbook.

Once you are confident that you can get by the skill of scrapbooking in a breeze, you will also be able to incorporate your own measure of fun and excitement. Once you are happy with what you are doing, you will soon explore your own creativity. You might suddenly surprise yourself with something really wonderful that can come out from the simplest of things. - 31508

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Cricut Cartridges - A Brand New Look for Your Art Pieces

By Todd Sparks

The brand of Provo Craft has proven themselves worthy of being one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality crafts products. The Cricut Personal Cutter, the most widely known out of the three machines made by Provo Craft, is highly valued by a lot of consumers along with the other two lines from the same brand ? the Cricut Expression line and the Cricut Create. The company has continuously been praised for its superior class materials, especially that of the Cricut cartridges.

Even the oldest Cricut machines are run by a number of cartridges. These cartridges are responsible for the most delicate designs and patterns that are used in building scrapbooks and other art concepts. The company has launched over sixty cartridges that are supporting the massive popularity of the Cricut machines. A lot of arts and crafts hobbyists often find it challenging to select the best cartridge that they can use for their designs.

The Cricut machines also rely on a popular software program that allows consumers to learn more on how to use Cricut cartridges to the fullest. Each month, a new cartridge line is introduced to the public in order to satisfy the thirst of new and imaginative designs. The software is known as the Cricut Design Studio.

Prior to buying any of the Cricut cartridges, it is important to understand the difference of one from the other. Not only do these cartridges vary in design, shape and color, they also have their own unique approaches to different crafts. Being able to use these to the fullest will help invite the brightest concepts in design.

The Cricut machine, as a whole, can save you a lot of time and money. Although this statement is a well-known fact, there is a small investment that needs to be prepared when collecting Cricut cartridges. A cutter, for instance can cost as much as $299, a price that can be hurtful to the pockets of a man with average means.

Each cartridge is sold in a wide range of prices in between $35 and $100. For a person who has very limited income, it is best to go for cartridges under the $40 bracket. For a cheap price, you can still be assured that each product under the Cricut cartridges line is made with the best designs in place. If you are looking for just an add-on cartridge, you can purchase one for $49.99 to $99.99 for more intricate patterns.

In just a few minutes, you will be able make the most inventive and creative cutouts and designs for your scrapbooks as well as other paper crafts. Other artists also make use of the cartridges to make cutout embellishments for handmade cards. This will make the theme more personalized for the person who will receive it.

For a fresh approach, you can also try Cricut font and shape cartridges. Delving away from the usual magazine cutouts, you can create the most eye-catching embellishments with just the use of your own Cricut cartridges. - 31508

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Essential Tips to Get Started with Computer Scrapbooking

By Marcella Finlay-Ross

If you are looking into computer scrapbooking, there are a few things you should know about the creative benefits that await your switch to the realm of digitally preserving your family's memories. The amount of manipulation you can do to your photos is unreal. Even if you had your photos printed with effects in an effort to enhance the look of your traditional scrapbook pages, you could not accomplish what computer scrapbooking software can. If you change your mind halfway through a design, there are no wasted materials or time un-sticking glued down images. Digital scrapbooking is the solution to many hours of work that used to end in a headache.

Think of the beauty of being able to crop, resize, recolor, and rotate your pictures when you use a digital scrapbooking software program. Even the tiniest, most precise changes can be made with ease. With all the elements, scraps, templates, fonts, masks, and patterns to choose from, the creative possibilities are virtually endless. Then there are image editing tools that let you reduce red eye, and blur, brighten, and tint your photos, and that's just the beginning! You can be as creative as you want when you have an endless array of techniques and tools to make your digital scrapbooks shine.

If you've made a scrapbook page, you know all about the frustrations of messing up. In digital scrapbooking, you just use the undo and redo buttons and the problem is solved. Gosh - it would be great to have these buttons to fix those everyday "oopses"!

Top scrapbooking software programs allow you to drag and drop items from outside the software onto your pages. In other words, it's a snap to use all those amazing kits you find on the Internet in your scrapbooks. The whole digital scrapbooking experience is meant to be easy, simple and enjoyable.

There are lots of cool ways to share your digital scrapbook pages when you've finished laying them out. Digital scrapbookers love how easy it is to share pages online or through email with their friends and family. Printing your pages is still an option, and you can even have your scrapbook pages printed professionally, or hardbound into a photo book. In the event that your printed scrapbook gets lost or damaged, you always have the digital version as a back up. - 31508

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Scrapbook Software - 6 Top Secrets Now Revealed Just For You

By Marcella Finlay-Ross

Gone are the days when you'd store your photos in a box under your bed. Unfortunately they now sit on the hard drive of your computer instead. So, why not do something fun with them? How about turning them into a beautiful keepsake using your computer and some easy to use scrapbook software!

So which digital scrapbooking program should you choose? It's really wise to take your time when searching for the package that will suit your needs. You don't want to spend hours and hours creating and editing your work and find out the program you chose didn't have all the features you need. Luckily, there are excellent programs out there, like Scrapbook MAX, so you can focus on being creative rather than spending your weekend nose deep in thick manuals.

Consider these following six secrets before you buy:

1. The program you choose should work with the latest operating systems like Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. You'll also want a fair bit of hard drive space to save your layouts.

2. If you are not all that computer literate, then it would be best for you to obtain a program that is easy to use for a beginner, but powerful enough that you can still use it as you become more creative and confident.

3. Look for a program that has many creative options. Even if you're just starting out, you'll one day want to use those features!

4. Ready made templates are a time saver if you don't have hours to spend in front of your PC. Make sure you get enough templates and also the program should have a facility whereby you can add more templates to expand the software later on.

5. Have a look to make sure the program you choose offers good user friendly tutorials - here you need clear instructions both written and on video. It is really frustrating if you can't do something and your tutorials either don't work or you need a degree in computer science to read them.

6. File format is also an important factor in sourcing your scrapbook program. It must be able to support a wide range of graphic file formats, like JPG and PNG files. - 31508

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Digital Scrapbooking - Scrapbooking in an Innovative World

By Sara McPhearson

Gone were those days when people have to rummage through old blank books to post photographs and jot down memories in. Now, scrapbooking has totally gone into a new level that defies the need for physical embellishments and the dreaded hole punchers. Digital scrapbooking is slowly changing the face of traditional scrapbooking as it introduces itself to the world of technology and digital art.

The digital scrapbooking addiction provides an inimitable know-how for a lot of people. The technological tools needed to create the pages of your digital scrapbook can be learned in such a short period of time. Instead of going to your usual arts and crafts store, you can simply sit in front of the computer and make use of a program that has all the supplies that you need. Some websites also provide downloads for additional patterns that you can use for your digital scrapbook.

Most software packages also offer manuals and guides that can teach you how to do the most difficult designs. You can also create letterings and numbers to make those memorable callouts with your pictures. If you are still having a hard time using the program, you can also make use of their technical support rooms in their official websites. You can also use the programs to edit your pictures.

By simply plugging in your digital camera to your computer, you can already transfer some of the pictures that you took on your most memorable occasions. You need not spend a few bucks to have the pictures printed and mounted onto the pages of your digital album. If you have old printed pictures that you intend to include in your digital scrapbook, you can use a scanner to upload them in your computer.

As much as possible, people also do not want to worry about where to put excess supplies once your scrapbook has been completed. Since all the work will be done through your computer, you are saved from all the clutter brought about by unused supplies. With just the pictures and programs installed in your computer, you can already create your own digital scrapbook.

For those people who are a fan of collecting pictures to help recall special events in your past, a digital scrapbook is a great way for you to safe keep those memories.

If you are not contented with the images that you have uploaded, you can also make use of additional programs to create visual effects to make your artwork more entertaining. Moving pictures are a great way to jazz up your digital scrapbook.

As you master the art of digital scrapbooking, this hobby will eventually challenge your creativity and will also increase your technological knowledge. From editing your own photos to designing the fonts of your labels, you can still personalize and bring your memories into form in a more efficient level. It is high time you introduce yourself to the new face of scrapbooking, free from all the expensive embellishments. - 31508

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Cherish Your Memories With Scrapbooks

By Ethan O. Tanner

Scrapbooks are an perfect way to maintain memories and recollect them for later reference or enjoyment. They allow for a trip down memory lane without struggling about what person had said on a exceptional even or what you were wearing on your first prom party. These amusing books keep cherished memories safe and tucked away in a corner till the time you're ready to revisit or share them with someone. By including our sentiments in a scrapbook, not only can you hold memories for a long-lasting time but can as well utilize your current time in doing something constructive and significant.

Given the options that are there in the market today, getting started with the procedure can sweep you over. Craft stores have a bundle of varied products to offer starting from accomplished kits that include the works, stickers, colorful paper, a ample range of colored paint, markers and glitters. To top it all there will be alternatives that you may need to make on the kind of book you prefer to use for your cherished memories.

But there is no need to worry about such decisions since you definitely need not buy all the products available in the shop to start. You could start with a simple book in which to stick pictures and pen down your thoughts or choose an album. You could also choose a scrapbook designed specially for the purpose that may have various themes and sections to aid the process.

The one thing that you do prefer to make sure about before deciding on the book is that it should be sturdy and should be able to stand the test of time. For eternal safekeeping nowadays there are digital options for scrapbooks and you could download a scrapbook template and even load it on your personal web page to share.

On the far side, the book, you should choose a few from the different options that you have to get you started. If you feel that you'd like to add together more aspects to your scrapbook, you will be able to come back to the craft store again. Some questions that you would like to ask yourself before getting initiated are how you will personalize the book and how you'll preserve the images. Personalizing the scrapbook is an effortless task as all that you require to do is be yourself and choose the accessories that you like. Nonetheless, while deciding to preserve your memories ensure that you use acid free paper to keep it safe from bugs. - 31508

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